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Please be aware that most places require a "certified copy" of your marriage license prior to any name change. You can pre-pay for one at the time your obtain your marriage license or you can order one after it's been filed.  Below is a list of places you may need to notify of your name change.

Social Security, Driver’s License, Car Registration, Car Insurance, Your Employer, Professional Licenses, Passport, Health Insurance
Voter Registration, Bank Accounts
, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Will

Both parties must both be present                                               Fees for Orleans Parish - Payable by cash only
Current driver's license, State ID or Passport                                      *NO checks, credit/debit cards accepted
Certified birth certificates                                                               Application for License -  $27.50          
Social Security numbers                                                                  Certified copy - marriage certificate - $5.50                       
Certified copies ofdivorce decrees or death certificates                  (fees will vary slightly by Parish)            

                                                               There is a 24-hour waiting period is required by law between the
                                                              time of issuance of the license and the ceremony.  

                                                              * If both parties reside outside of Louisiana your officiant
                                                              may be able waive this waiting period 



Required:                                                                                                        FEES - Payable in cash or money order only
* Both parties must be present                                                                 NO check or credit/Debit cards accepted
* Must Provide full names, addresses, age,                                  
highest level education, place and date of birth                         Application for License:
* Number of previous marriages and how ended                      License-Hancock County                                         $22.00
* If divorced or widowed less than 6 mo, certified copy            License-Harrison County                                         $23.00
of divorce decree or death certificate                                           License-Pearl River County                                      $21.00
* Provide full names & addresses of parents
                                                                                                             Certified Copy of License-Hancock County           $15.00     
* If divorced or widowed less than 6 mo, certified copy            Certified Copy of License-Harrison County           $17.00
   of divorce decree or death certificate                                        Certified Copy of License-Pearl River County        $ 2.00